Mobile Websites

Do You Need A Mobile Website?

A mobile website is a version of your main website that has been adapted to a touch-screen version, just like an iPhone app, specifically for people viewing your website on their mobile phone.

Did you know that 25% of Google searches are carried out on Smart Phones?

Did you know that 64% of Smartphone users use their mobile device to shop online? Is your website ready for them to spend their money with you?

Don’t stress over it…let us take a look at your existing website then create your mobile website for you!

  In a Google Smartphone User study, mobile searches will make up 25% of all searches in the world this year.
  A Compuware study said that over 50% of consumers would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site. In fact, forty percent said they would use a competitor with a better mobile experience.
  60% of consumers use mobile searches before buying.
  Close to 50% of mobile searchers made a mobile purchase in the last six months.
  51% of mobile users will buy from a retailer with a site specifically for mobile users…but only 4.8% of brands have a mobile site.
  In the “Mobile Movement,” a study by Google, 77% of smart phone users visit search engines and then social sites.
>Over 90% of mobile searches end in some type of action…visiting a business or purchasing, for example.

(Source: 29/03/2012)

We create and build mobile websites from your existing site, that will work as an iPhone app, and is compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry and all other Smart Phones

Step 1: Decide What Website Pages Your Customers Would Like To See:

Company websites are usually quite comprehensive, and might contain numerous pages that might not be relevant to people viewing your website on their mobile phone. Readers tend to want a more focussed experience, and want to find exactly what they want, straight away. Therefore, the first stage of planning would be to make a list of what pages you want on your mobile website.


Step 2: Design Your Mobile Website:

Most users will want your mobile website to be as ‘touch-screen-able’ as possible, for ease of use. You will need to consider many things, such as how you want your menus to appear, if you want ‘call to action’ buttons, if you want integrated slide-shows, if you want to embed your YouTube videos…there are so many options you can look at to make the ideal mobile tool for your new business.


Step 3: Develop Your Mobile Website:

We develop your site to be compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile, and we can convert any website from WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, or Drupal.

We specialise is converting your existing website or blog into a fully compatable mobile website, that works exactly like an ‘app’ and even has an icon that can be stored on your visitors mobile phone exactly like an app.

We build mobile websites by taking your existing colours, branding and content, and turning it into a site that can be touch screen and scroll screen, and compliments your existing website and branding.

We offer loads of ‘add-on’s’ such as ‘dial from screen’, ‘send us a text’, etc., that add to the ease of use of your website, and are totally free of charge from us….we simply want to develop the best site we can for your business!


Step 4: Wants Us To Help:

Here are some samples of the mobile websites we’ve created for our clients:   Perfect Balance beforeafter Before.after


For creating these masterpieces, we charge a modest fee, plus a monthly hosting fee. The standard costs are:

Up to 5 pages – £300

Up to 10 pages – £500

Up to 20 pages – £900

Monthly hosting charged at £8

Call us on 01792 229950 to discuss your ideas about a mobile website for your business.


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